BAM fire screen ring project 08

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This is a fire screen that was built for the 08 BAM conference in Sedalia MO. The following people were responsible for the build of the screen; Larry Hults, Don Anders, Karen Bouckaert, and Ken Jansen. Others contributed rings and they are mentioned in the pics of their individual rings.The frame of the screen is mild steel with a stainless steel screen mounted on the inside. The finish is a linseed oil-beezwax finish (DR Iron's recipe).

Finished Fire screen

Cowbell ring by Ken Jansen and Larry Hults

BAM logo by Ken Jansen

Mule head by Karen Bouckaert

Four rose ring by Elda Haynie

Hammer and tongs by Charlie Comstock and Ken Jansen

Spike with trapped marble by Pat McCarty

St. Louis courthouse and arch by Don Anders

Figure 8 knot ring by Pat McCarty

Chain maille ring by Dan Sisk and Ken Jansen

Mule shoe ring by Mark Hemmer and Ken Jansen

Gateway arch ring by Bob Ehrenberger and Ken Jansen

Tornado and sunflower by Kate Dinneen

Turtle Ring by Dan Wedemeyer

Ear of Corn by Kirk Sullens

Wheat ring with mice by Karen Bouckaert and Don Anders

Front panel assembled

Frame partially assembled